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I Believe in Marriage Presents: Couples Connection

A “Safe-Place” for Couples to Pause from the Hustle & Bustle of Life Long Enough to Prioritize One Another  

PAY-In FULL & get TWO MONTHS for free! 

“NOW is the time get off the rollercoaster of conflict, remove hurdles and increase the intimacy in your relationship!”

This Virtual Program is perfect for

  •  Engaged Couples looking to lay a strong foundation for their future marriage
  • Newlywed Couples seeking to ensure that they are moving in the right direction
  •  Married Couples needing to smooth a few rough patches
  • Married Couples who desire to keep their marriage STRONG and SECURE 

The numbers are UNBELIEVABLY alarming. 

Researchers have found that an average married couple only gets FOUR minutes with each other, alone, DAILY. 

The reason for this is their jobs, children, the television, the internet, their hobbies as well as home and family responsibilities.

 Invest in the Couples Connection course and discover how to DRASTICALLY improve your marriage (and your intimacy) in less than FIFTEEN MINUTES a day!

This virtual program will help you and your spouse

  • Pause from the hustle & bustle of life long enough to intentionally prioritize one another
  • Stop getting distracted by smokescreens (the toilet seat, the dishes in the sink or the toilet tissue is NOT really the issue) and get clear on what is really creating dissension in your relationship
  • Increase intimacy by understanding one another’s relational needs and how to meet them

This Program is comprised of 3 Critical Components

The Couples Commitment 

Wives Intensive

Husbands Q&A

Couples Commitment

During this 5 Part-Video Series

  • You'll discover the 5 Reasons you MAY be Frustrated in your Marriage! Sometimes it helps to put language to what is simmering inside of you!
  •  You'll discover an easy to apply "fix" to each reason you are frustrated... These solutions are not rocket science, but will positively impact your marriage QUICKLY!
  • You'll discover how your experiences as a child are STILL having an impact (good and not so good) on you today and what you can do about it!
  • You'll discover why you and your spouse (or significant other) keep having the same issue over and over and over (did we say 'over' enough?) again, and the easy solution to get past it once and for all!
  • You'll discover how to protect your marriage and build a stronger relationship day by day!

Wives Intensive

 "Taming the Tongue" Virtual Intensive for Wives

 Has anyone ever said to you something like “That mouth of yours is harsh” or “You can tear someone up with your tongue”. Or maybe no one had to tell you….you just know that if you are not careful you could destroy your husband’s self-esteem with just a few words. For other women, your issue may not be that you are reckless with what you say, it’s just that you always HAVE something to say. Knowing when to talk or more importantly, when NOT to talk is more of the challenge you are facing. 

If any of that rings true, then get ready to join other women on a journey to TAME the TONGUE!

Week one

“What does the Bible Say?” – Let’s Lay the Right Foundation

Week two

“You Get it from your mama” – Understanding why you do what you do

Week three

“He doesn’t act right until I go off” – How to manage your response, despite the triggers you experience

Week four

“Rebuilding what the tongue has destroyed” – How to restore the respect and receive the love you desire

Real Talk with Robin – FOR HUSBANDS ONLY! 

Listen in as Robin has 4 very REAL conversations with 4 different men answering the questions that you have about being a husband and a leader for your family!

Conversation 1: Managing the Leadership in your Home

Conversation 2: Navigating the dynamics of the Blended family 

Conversation 3: Supporting your spouse during major life transitions 

Conversation 4: Rebuilding trust after betrayal 

Each of these conversations will be biblically based and REAL!

How will it work?

 Step 1 – SECURE your spot. REGISTER TODAY!

 Step 2 – RECEIVE Instant Access to the Couples Commitment

Step 3 – For WIVES –Jump right into the Intensive!

Step 4 – For HUSBANDS – Jump right into the conversations!

Step 5 – JOIN THE COMMUNITY (for Wives) – Get plugged in to the PRIVATE Facebook Group which will include MONTHLY Group Coaching sessions with Life Coach Robin May 

Special Discount for Members!

As soon as you join the "Couples Connection" you will enjoy 20% off of all products and events offered from the "I Believe in Marriage" Community! 


 **PRIVATE** 1-on-1 Q&A session with Robin May

The FIRST 10 couples to register for The Couples Connection will receive a 20-minute session with licensed therapist and life coach, Robin May. She will hop on a call and, personally, answer your most pressing relationship questions.

 Monthly Group Q&A sessions for Wives!

Each Q&A session will help wives within the Wives Intensive, understand the lessons in a very customized and speicifc way so that you can begin to implement what you learn right away. These monthly sessions will also focus on HOT topics for couples! Periodically, husbands will be invited to join into the monthly coaching sessions! 

A PRIVATE Facebook Support Group

We were never meant to live on isolation island! The Private FB Group is designed, specifically for wives, in order to connect you with other women on the journey with you to ensure that no one falls by the wayside.

Now Stop for a Second and Imagine What Your Marriage Would Look Like…. 

What would your marriage and life look like if you were able to “fix” your frustrations, receive the love you desire, and increase the intimacy in your relationship? Couples Connection is the place to turn that dream into a reality!


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